Drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with roots in everything from electronic music to math rock and global tours. My work spans solo projects, bands like Meltybrains? and Enemies, and early collaborations with Dermot Kennedy. Here you can check out all the music I have been involved in.

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Solo Project

At the heart of my solo endeavor lies a fusion of electronic music with the warmth of live natural instruments, creating immersive soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Moderat, and S. Carey, my work aims to bridge the gap between the digital and the organic, crafting tracks that resonate with both the mind and the soul. This project is a personal journey into the depths of sound, where every beat and melody is a reflection of my artistic exploration.

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Meltybrains?, often dubbed 'the band that fell to earth,' is a testament to the unbound spirit of experimental and psychedelic music. As part of this ensemble, our performances are more than just concerts; they are experiences designed to transport audiences to otherworldly dimensions. Through our music, we challenge the conventional, weaving together a tapestry of sound that is as enigmatic as it is enchanting.

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Joining Enemies for their third album was a pivotal moment in my musical career. As a fan turned band member, I had the unique opportunity to contribute to the legacy of a band that shaped my understanding of rhythm and complexity. Recording drums and writing with them allowed me to pay homage to their previous drummer, Oisin Trench, while also infusing the music with my own signature. This collaboration stands as a bridge between my influences and my contributions to the math rock genre.

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Dermot Kennedy

My journey with Dermot Kennedy marked a significant chapter in my career, from laying down the drums on some of his early tracks to touring the world as his live drummer. This experience not only showcased my versatility as a musician but also offered a front-row seat to the ascent of a remarkable artist. These tracks are some early Dermot Kennedy music which I had the pleasure of drumming on.

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Shadows & Dust

Shadows & Dust captures a moment in time before the spotlight, where passion for music was the only guide. Alongside Dermot Kennedy and our friend Lia, this band was a crucible of creativity, blending our diverse influences into a sound uniquely our own. Though our paths have diverged, the music and memories forged during this time remain a testament to our shared journey.

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